A Community Manifesto for Cornwall 2024

2024 is going to be a General Election year in the UK. The Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum (CIPF) is looking to create a Community Manifesto for eventually submitting to those who will be elected as our Members of Parliament and so guide them in fulfilling their responsibilities on behalf of the people of Cornwall.

The Manifesto will have eight themes:

  • Theme 1 – Health and Well-being
  • Theme 2 – End Food Poverty
  • Theme 3 – Housing and Homelessness
  • Theme 4 – A Sustainable Economy
  • Theme 5 – Strong Distinctive Communities
  • Theme 6 – A Benefit System that Works
  • Theme 7 – Flourishing Communities for All
  • Theme 8 – Public Services for

We are asking people across Cornwall to submit ideas which they think will help make Cornwall a fairer and more just place to live. We will especially value contributions from people with lived experience of poverty or social exclusion. If you have a specific proposal under one or more of these themes please email them to:


During 2024 all the political parties will be producing their manifestos and promises. Why not take a stake in a different kind of Manifesto – the Cornwall Community Manifesto by sharing your vision and specific ideas and we will do our very best to include them.

Community Manifesto 2021

The last County wide elections took place in 2021 when a new Council for Cornwall was elected. For that election CIPF drew up the first  Community Manifesto for Cornwall.

A Community Manifesto for Cornwall – Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum

CIPF’s  vision for Cornwall is a place where local people and communities are the change that they want to see, and recognise that we in Cornwall must take the initiative to act. This means taking a strategic, long-term view and then making decisions about how this change will come about. The community manifesto was a first step in articulating how Cornish groups and communities are stepping up to meet these needs and how these works might be emboldened and developed.

We used the 2021 Manifesto to highlight examples in Cornwall and nationally who are working to address the different themes and so if you know of an organisation with a good story to tell then please contact us so we can show case this work and inspire even more people to work together to make Cornwall a fairer and more just place to be.

Download the Manifesto in PDF Form

If you’d like to download a PDF version of the community manifesto please click the link below.

Have a proposal to make Cornwall a fairer and more just place?

Contact us and we will include it in this Community Manifesto.

Address Climate Change

“Our vision for Cornwall is a place where the recovery and growth of the natural environment are at the heart of a flourishing zero carbon economy.”

End Food Poverty

“To End Food Poverty in Cornwall: Ensuring that everyone in Cornwall has access to nutritious and affordable food, and has the skills, knowledge and resources to eat healthily.”

Housing and Homelessness

“Our vision for Cornwall is a place where everyone has a genuinely affordable home and where no-one is homeless.”

A Sustainable Economy

“Our vision for Cornwall is having a strong sustainable economy offering secure work and a Living Wage.”

Strong Distinctive Communities

“Our vision for Cornwall is a place defined by strong and distinctive communities which are open, inclusive, with equality of opportunity for all.”

A Benefits System That Works

“Our vision for Cornwall is a place where everyone has access to speedy effective and caring welfare support when they need it.“

Flourishing Communities for All

“Our vision for Cornwall is a place where the public and voluntary sectors, faith and local communities are all enabled to play their part in building caring and flourishing communities.”

Public Services for All

“Our vision for Cornwall is a place where local people and communities have a full and active say in the delivery of public services that matter to them.”

Many of these themes are not are not mutually exclusive ideas, and so we have encouraged contributors to examine the ways in which they might intersect with age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. We want Cornwall to have a culture where difference is valued.

If you have a proposal you believe would make Cornwall a fairer and more just place, then please send them in to us!