Challenge Poverty Week 2023

For the third year in a row Cornwall Independent Poverty Forum CIPF took the initiative to mark Challenge Poverty Week in a significant way across Cornwall.

CIPF is especially grateful to the many organisations and community groups that supported the week and raised awareness of the tremendous amount of need that sadly still exists across the County as well as showcasing the huge amount of support that is offered by so many to those who have been and remain impacted by the cost of living crisis that has hit so many. Yet again CPW had two main focuses.

Firstly, forty community groups showed their commitment to Challenging Poverty by taking a photo of their workers and volunteers with a CPW 2023 Banner. Do look at this report for the selection of images that celebrate the groups Challenging Poverty in 2023 from Breakfasts for the Homeless to Citizens Advice teams and many other groups in between.

Download The Challenge Poverty Week Report